Saturday, August 20, 2011

Special Thanks...

I just received this lovely thank you from the Mother of the Bride from the August 6th wedding of Nadia and DJ.  Thank you to my fantastic staff for helping me create yet another successful event.  It's what we're "All About..."

Dear Carolyn,

From the very start, you demonstrated savvy business-like abilities while adding an extra special "personal ability".  Your in-depth knowledge and experience of all facets of weddings and receptions, along with your great selection of vendors, and your many contacts, proved to be the foundation and success of our wedding celebration!

Even when personal issues came up, you were invaluable in steering everyone back on track.   On the BIG Day, You and your many capable assistants, guided all of us through the schedule of events and appointments and we are thrilled with the final results!  I don't think I have ever seen a happier bride or more fun wedding!

Thank you also for all those other moments when you held my hand when I needed it, reassured me, and walked all of us through our many visits to New Orleans.  I also greatly appreciate you offering us the use of your home, driving us all over NOLA, taking us to the airport, and doing anything and everything you could to help us through so many months of planning for the Grande Finale!!  

So, Carolyn, I am forever grateful to you for our treasured memories and experiences throughout the planning of our wedding celebration!   It was, and YOU are, SPECTACULAR!!!


Lisa Shaaban
Mother of the Bride