Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wedding Welcome Gifts--My "Aha!" Moment...

Wedding Welcome Gifts --my "Aha!" Moment...
I've designed, created, and delivered hundreds and hundreds of wedding and event gift bags over the years and I've come to a decision.  NO MORE BAGS!  While they look pretty and are easy to stuff, they are a pain in the neck to transport!  In the past, I would have an order for maybe 100 gift bags for a wedding.  Even in my SUV, I would have to make two trips to deliver 100 bags because I can only transport one layer of bags on the one level of surface in my vehicle. I considered doing some sort of custom contraption to create a second level in the back of the car, but I'm no carpenter and storage of large items in a New Orleans shotgun is a limited commodity.  The solution to the problem hit me in one of those "duh..." moments.  Forget about bags!  Use boxes for welcome gifts.  Nobody saves the bags that you get at the hotel anyway and they always look so ratty by the time they get to a guest after being handled by no less than 3 people per bag. I've even had issues in the past where the guest's bags were "lighter" when they were delivered to the room than they were when I delivered them to the hotel.  Maybe it was a ghost who really likes zapps potato chips, or maybe it was a hungry overnight worker at the hotel...the jury is still out.  With a box, however, I can seal it with a lovely ribbon and a custom tag.  I can customize the colors and the theme of the box.   Hotels can stack boxes behind the front desk and save valuable real estate, also avoiding any issues of front desk staff accidentally stepping on the gifts and crushing their contents. But what if you really want the guests to have a tote bag to walk around the city and declare their reason for travel is because "Tony and Tina's Wedding" is happening that weekend?  Simple...fold the tote and include it in the box! To show you what I mean, here are some boxes I've done recently, including the outside, the contents, and the beautiful tetris-like stacking in the back of my car!
If you need welcome gifts for your out of town guests or swag bags for any special occasion, give All About Events a call or send us an email!  We currently provide gift services in New Orleans, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Orlando!
"Guests are still raving about the welcome gifts- who remembers a gift box?! They were That Good!"   ~Tiffany B. (bride)
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  1. These are superb ideas for Wedding Welcome Gifts. The creativity is truly amazing. My best friend is going to tie the knot next month at one if iconic wedding venues. She’ll have a traditional theme for the wedding so I am thinking to buy a beautiful vintage gift for her.